Escape the distraction of every-day life and enter a world of well-being. Aquilibrium offers a rejuvenating menu of wellness therapies designed to treat, repair and rejuvenate your hair and scalp, while providing you with the ultimate relaxing experience. Each system within our Davines Natural Tech collection is formulated with premium ingredients that provide optimum results. Indulge and unwind with our Davines beauty and wellness therapies.

Full Treatment $55+  /  Express Treatment $30+

*Treatments are customized per guest and vary in price based on the volume and length of hair, and time required.
All treatments include a blow-style. Taxes and gratuities not included.


To rejuvenate the hair and scalp with anti-aging benefits that provide instant, shine, softness and body.


To add protection and elasticity to fine hair, creating thicker, fuller tresses.


To treat fragile, thinning hair while encouraging hair growth and minimizing hair loss.


To treat, repair and restructure dry, brittle and damaged hair.


To treat and remove dry and greasy dandruff.


to provide gentle soothing relief of irritated and sensitive scalps.


To deeply clean and remove build up and dullness, and restore the hair and scalps natural beauty.


To treat oily hair and scalps and rebalance sebum production for refreshed, lifted hair.


To nourish and maintain the health of hair and scalp in-between intensive Natural Tech therapies.